WATCH: Protest Disrupts Pro-‘Sanctuary’ Governor’s Oath Of Office: ‘Blood Is On Your Hands!’

What was supposed to be a time of pure celebration among supporters of the newly elected Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom Monday was interrupted by a protester who clearly doesn’t buy the Democrat’s “sanctuary to all who seek it” rhetoric.

In a moment caught on video, Newsom, the 40th governor of California and successor to pro-“sanctuary” Democrat Jerry Brown, can be seen on stage with his wife and four kids ready to take the oath of office. As SF Gate notes, just as the judge begins to instruct the governor to raise his right hand, the “sanctuary” of the ceremony is disrupted.

“I object!” shouts a man, who reportedly had press credentials, from the audience. “Blood is on your hands!” he shouts. “Shame on you!”

The man is quickly singled out and escorted out, but not before he makes clear what he’s protesting: the dire consequences of “sanctuary state” policies.

In an attempt to reset the festive mood, the audience begins chanting “Gavin! Gavin!” while the man continues to express his “objections.”

Newsom, who made a point of underscoring his support of sanctuary policies that evening, did his best to ignore the unfortunate eruption of a dissenting voice.

Video of the moment was posted online by BBC Senior American Reporter Anthony Zurcher:

At the swearing-in ceremony, Newsom, the former mayor of sanctuary city San Francisco, underscored his support for the federal immigration authorities-defying policies, promising that California will offer “sanctuary to all who seek it.”

Though he was careful not to utter Donald Trump’s name, he repeatedly hammered the president’s attempts to address the illegal immigration crisis. “A wall that should never be built,” he said, and children should not be “ripped away from their parents” suspected of crossing the border illegally at the border, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The protester’s condemnation of sanctuary policies, and Newsom’s defense of them, comes just a few weeks after yet more innocent people died at the hands of an illegal immigrant who was shielded from federal immigration authorities in the state.
A twice-deported illegal immigrant who was protected by California’s “sanctuary state” policies, which prevent law enforcement from holding criminal illegal immigrants requested by ICE, died Monday after going on a 24-hour “personal reign of terror” in which he killed a man, wounded several, robbed a store, carjacked a vehicle, and forced police to pursue him in a dangerous high-speed chase after engaging in a shootout with law enforcement.

Gustavo Garcia, 36, had a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2002. Along with his presence in the country illegally — for which he was deported twice, once in 2004 and again in 2014 — Garcia has faced drug and illegal weapons charges, serving 27 months in federal prison. Before his second deportation, Garcia also had three ICE violations, Fox News reports.

Despite his lengthy rap sheet, California protected Garcia from ICE. Just two days before his deadly “reign of terror,” Garcia was held in Tulare County jail for 10 hours after he was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Alex Hall

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