WATCH: Sarah Sanders Cooks Up a Piping Hot Dish of Revenge for April Ryan (VIDEO)

Sarah Sanders is one loyal woman that speaks her mind and not just the President’s words. She is one tough, sensible, and patriotic woman. She is appropriate and stands up for this nation’s values and principles. She is truly an asset to the Trump team. She takes no crap and always has an intelligent answer.

April Ryan is a White House correspondent and bureau chief for American Urban Radio. She appears regularly on CNN.

Sarah Sanders today ended The White House press briefing, pointed at April Ryan, and spit hot fire. Watch the video below!

Via The Daily Caller:

Sanders tweeted an image of a Thanksgiving pie. Reporter April Ryan tweeted back that she believes Sanders faked baking the pie.

It was strange.

Sanders hit back Wednesday night, tweeting images of the pies she was baking in a step by step process.

Ending her press briefing Thursday, Sanders stopped at the podium and pointed directly at Ryan and said, “I just want to say thanks, have a good week, and April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you momentarily.”

Sanders was then spotted in the White House press area delivering pies to various correspondents, including Ryan.

The Lovely April, 50, is unmarried and has no children… So she has no need to cook, and apparently doesn’t. She is just jealous!
Sarah is extremely good at her job. She’s intelligent, classy and she can cook too.

She is the Best!!! Always puts the FAKE NEWS Media in their place!!! Good job Sarah. You do the Country, The President and yourself proud.

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