WATCH: Sarah Sanders Asked If President Trump Is ‘Corrupt.’ Room Goes Silent When Reminded Of A Certain Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is a strong woman who is not afraid to speak the truth. She is not that kind of a girl who will just stand there and listen to the liberal media constant attacks! No, she did something that made us all proud of her!

The controversy of the day involves Trump tweeting an attack on New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Trump attacked her as a “lightweight,” a “flunky” and said she was “begging” him for campaign contributions.

During her press briefing as White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked if Trump is ‘Corrupt.’ The room goes silent when reminded of a certain Hillary Clinton. You’re gonna love this!! Watch the video below from 30 min.!

Via The Daily Caller:

Trump did donate to Gillibrand in her campaigns. Sarah Sanders was asked what Trump got for his donations.

Sanders said “access,” saying it’s regular practice for politicians to “carry your water” if you donate.

Then Sanders dropped the fire:

That’s the reason that we have a broken system. That’s the reason that often special interests control our government more than the people do. That’s one of the reasons that this president ran to be president. It’s one of the top reasons that he won and that he’s sitting in the oval office today and Hillary Clinton is not because he couldn’t be bought and everybody knew that she could because they have seen it time and time again.

Sanders was asked a follow-up if Trump “bought access in a corrupt way?” Sanders responded, using one of Trump’s most famous campaign terms:

He says he knows how the system works. I think it would be disingenuous for anybody not to understand that. But at least this president is being honest about the process and his willingness to actually fix it and drain the swamp.

Did these liberal biased reporters ever ask if Obama was corrupt? Or did they ever make a negative report that they later recalled finding it was not true? NO!!! 8 years of the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation and there was No fake news or insulting questions from the corrupt press…

Sarah always does an AWESOME job no matter what these MSM idiots throw at her!

I adore and admire everything about her. God gives her the poise and strength to stand against these sick democrats. She is forthright, honest, totally mentally prepared for all questions, and has no fear of the press. She makes our President and our wonderful country, and our faithful God looks so good. She definitely is Mike Huckabee’s daughter.

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