Watch! Sources Claim Deputy AG Rosenstein Threatened Nunes If He Kept Investigating DOJ, FBI

In an interview on Fox News on Friday night, legal analyst Gregg Jarrett dropped a massive bombshell concerning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and actions he took to keep the FISA memo hidden. Jarrett told Sean Hannity that a source told him that Rosenstein threatened House Intelligence Committee members in January if they did not stop their investigation. (video below)

Then, on Saturday, Jarrett tweeted out that a second source had confirmed to him that Rosenstein went after Chairman Devin Nunes and other committee members.

“A 2nd source has now confirmed to me that, in a meeting on January 10, Deputy A-G Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls & texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of DOJ and FBI,” he tweeted. “Likely an Abuse of Power & Obstruction.”

In his next post, he wrote: “It is a crime for a government official to use his office to threaten anyone, including a member of Congress, for exercising a constitutionally protected right. See 18 USC 242 and other similar abuse of power statutes.”

“Again, if true, Rosenstein’s action was an illegal abuse of power and he should no longer serve as Deputy Attorney General. He allegedly used threats to try to stop the Intelligence Committee from exposing wrongful behavior in an attempt to cover it up,” Jarrett wrote.

Apparently, Rosenstein doesn’t understand how it works. Oversight committees have been charged with insuring against abuses by government agencies. The department of justice doesn’t have the authority to make rules or usurp the power to hinder oversight operations.

I’m scratching my head from the hypocrisy. They accuse Trump of colluding with Russia. Nope, Hillary did. They accuse Trump of obstruction of justice. Nope, Obama admin including FBI & DOJ leadership did. Are we even living in America anymore?

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Natalie D.

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