Watch Trey Gowdy Corrects CBS’ Nancy Cordes: I’m Not a Member of Leadership

Don’t even THINK of messing around with Trey Gowdy…he’ll set you straight in a “New York Minute!

On Sunday morning, Trey Gowdy had an interview with CBS’ Nancy Cordes where they were discussing potential new legislation to curb future mass shootings, like Wednesday’s tragedy in Parkland, Florida. Cordes tried to ambush Gowdy with a false accusation on gun control.

Gowdy suggested implementing “a duty to disclose” for law enforcement to act when certain individuals exhibit violent or concerning behavior.

“We have it in other categories of law,” the South Carolina Republican explained. “You could impose a lawful duty to disclose if you hear that someone is planning to do something.”

“The shooting in Florida,” he continued, “you didn’t need a duty to disclose. People did come forward and put the FBI on notice.”

Gowdy further added that he is “fine with doing away with any instrumentality that converts a semi-automatic to a fully automatic.”

“So you’re a member of leadership,” Cordes incorrectly asserted. “When will we see a vote on that?”

“I’m not a member of leadership,” Gowdy corrected, “but I’m happy to ask them when and if we’re going to see a vote. I don’t know that it requires a vote of Congress. I think ATF can regulate bump stocks tomorrow.”

So much for informed journalists.
Note to Nancy Cordes! Know your subject matter. Period! You won’t look so stupid. Ignorance is so much more intelligent and forgiving. You, Nancy, went full stupid…keep spreading your rhetoric. Hope I’m not the one behind you on judgment day. Your stupidity is gonna take the Good Lord some time to get through.

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Natalie D.

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