Maxine Waters Is “Taking it to Another Level.” Makes Unbelievable Claim About President Trump!

The Democrats are losing their minds. While Trump is trying to help America and the American people all they have been doing is trying to undermine everything the President does.

Maxine Waters- the 78-year-old corrupt career politician who thinks Vladimir Putin invaded Korea. Waters is a hateful woman who cares little about America. What she does care about is the POWER of the Democratic Party including her own rise to power. That is why the media has given her so much attention since Trump’s election.

Maxine Waters is on fire these days. First, she said that President Trump is jealous of Barack Obama. Later, on Saturday in Oakland, Waters claimed that Donald Trump doesn’t even know how to spell the name of his wife, Melania Trump.

According to The Daily Caller:

“He’s over there supposedly meeting on NATO,” Waters told the California Democratic Party’s women’s caucus.

“He doesn’t know a darn thing about it. He doesn’t even understand what GDP is. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even know how to spell his own wife’s name.”

This remark was in reference to Trump once tweeting “Melanie” when he meant to say “Melania,” a mistake that occurred due to a simple mobile phone spell-correction.

My question is Why and How can she still be in office? She is an absolute horrible representative of this country and with all her awful ugly comments and inciting violence against the president and family and his administration is reason enough to fire her with no retirement or benefits, this would be justice!

I really believe it is in the Republicans best interest to make sure Mad Max keeps her job. Every time she opens her mouth she reminds all of us why President Trump was the correct choice.

Well, Maxine, Trump knows that the other NATO members haven’t been paying their fair share and he knows the GDP is up significantly since he became President! In fact, he knows far more about everything that you do Maxine! Of course, most people know far more than you do about everything!

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Alex Hall

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