The thing is, I don’t think any Americans have a problem with people being on welfare if they truly need it. And some people really do need it. I have a huge problem with people who use it as their life’s income because they don’t want to work and think it’s ok to keep having kids just so they can stay on welfare. The system needs fixing.

A Cato Institute study has determined that welfare benefits, in fact, pay out more than a full-time minimum wage job in at least 35 states! WTF?

Check your State and see how you’d do not working at all! (Below)


1. The free money is more than $15 an hour in over ten states

2. Welfare is more than a new college-educated teacher in eleven states makes

3. Outdoes the salary of a computer programmer in three states!

4. The highest welfare payouts are over $20 an hour! (Hawaii, with payments equaling $29.13 per hour, DC at $24.43 per hour, Massachusetts at $24.30, Connecticut at $21.33, New York at $21.01 per hour, New Jersey at $20.89 per hour, Rhode Island at $20.83 per hour and Vermont at $20.36 per hour)


This is crazy! They should all be drug tested before getting welfare and have papers signed by employees that they are looking for jobs. They actually want a Free Ride and the government has been giving it to them.

This shows one obvious point. The states that pay the most welfare cases are the same places that voted for Hillary and are run by Democrats, once again pointing out how Democrats love people to stay dependent on Government handouts. Keeping the poor man poor is the Democratic way.

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Michelle M.

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