WH Official: Yes, Drunk-Driver Illegals Will Be Sent Home

26-year-old Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson was one of two people killed in a car crash by a drunk driver early Sunday morning in Avon, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. The driver was identified as 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales of Indianapolis.

Gonsales tried to flee the scene on foot but was later apprehended by police and transported to a local jail. Indiana Police suspect he was drunk and operating without a license.

The Times reported that charging documents do not show whether Gonsales, who is subject to deportation, is an illegal immigrant.

Well, this was a terrible accident but Trump’s administration will make sure things like this will never happen again!

On Monday and Tuesday, reporters prodded White House officials to relax their commitment to repatriate illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities who are also dangerous drunk-drivers, even when the drunk drivers have secretly lived in the United States for several years, or have a family in the United States.

The pool report from a press gaggle for reporters on Air Force One cited the uncompromising response from an unnamed administration official:

To the question about an illegal immigrant who was arrested for a DWI, [the official] said, “What do you tell the mother whose kid gets killed by the second DWI?”

According to the pool report from Air Force One, the unnamed official also said:

“We are 100 percent committed to challenging sanctuary cities. We will be successful.”

Illegal immigration remains “intolerably high,” he said …

[The official] noted that the administration had asked Congress withhold grants from sanctuary cities in its omnibus spending bill. He noted that the House version holds back DOJ and DHS grants. “It’s a major threat to national security,” he said of sanctuary jurisdictions.

The official made the argument that because September 11 hijackers had visa issues, sanctuary city policies could lead to a major attack like the one they perpetrated. “That’s not just a threat to California, which in and of itself is inexcusable, but a threat to the whole, entire country.”

The mainstream media refuse to admit that Trump is right and that illegal immigration needs to stop before we have more cases like this!

Alex Hall

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