While Conway Was In The Supermarket, A Man Passed By And Harassed Her – Kellyanne’s Reply Shows How Tough She Is

Following this, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she has no sympathy for the people who work in Trump’s administration and suggested people harassing, and protesting members of the administration of President Donald Trump at stores, restaurants, and gas stations was the new reality for the United States of America.

We all remember when a waiter who is working at The Red Hen said that Sanders was served “for a total of two minutes before my owner kicked her out along with seven of her other family members.”

Sanders confirmed the events on Twitter, saying she was told to leave by the owner because she worked for the president.

The attacks didn’t stop there and many of Trump’s supporters or close associates are getting tough time everywhere from Liberals around our country!

Today Kellyanne Conway was harassed in a supermarket in Washington D.C.

According to The Washington Post, Conway went to the supermarket after arriving in Washington, D.C., to work for Trump. As the Post noted, Trump only got 4 percent of the vote in Washington, D.C., a predominantly Democratic city.
While Conway was in the supermarket, a man passed by and sneered at her.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Go look in the mirror!” he said.

When Conway responded, she didn’t break down or have a panic attack.

“What am I gonna do? Fall apart in the canned vegetable aisle?” she recalled.

Instead, she responded sarcastically, “Mirrors are in aisle 9 — I’ll go get one now.”

That wasn’t the only time Conway showed her characteristic toughness.

Maxine Waters is a disgrace to the US. She is encouraging violence against a specific group of people. Someone is going to get hurt or even killed because of Maxine Waters’s comments. It will be a direct response to her behavior. Doesn’t she care?

Today Kellyanne was tough and played well but next time it could be more dangerous so Maxine is responsible for every attack that it’s happening lately!

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