White House Bans “Fake News Network” Reporter From Rose Garden Event (Video)

Democrats have no shame. The mainstream media will do everything they can in an effort to undermine our President’s reputation among the American people. Especially CNN.

But they do forget one thing, when you attack President Trump you will get a proper response!

Today The White House on Wednesday banned a CNN reporter from a press event in the Rose Garden.
And the name of the reporter is Kaitlan Collins she is now part of the “fake news network” but she used to be the White House correspondent at the conservative news site Daily Caller. it seems she forgot everything when she received the money from CNN

Collins reportedly asked the president questions about the fake news that they produce!

She asked, “Did Michael Cohen betray you, Mr. President?” and repeated the question once, according to CNN. She then asked, “Mr. President, are you worried about what Michael Cohen is about to say to the prosecutors? Are you worried about what is on the other tapes, Mr. President?”

When Trump didn’t respond, Collins asked, “Why is Vladimir Putin not accepting your invitation, Mr. President?”

Trump ignored the questions and said, “Thank you very much, everybody”

After the event, Bill Shine, the newly-minted White House deputy chief of staff for communications, called Collins into his office. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also present.

“They said ‘You are dis-invited from the press availability in the Rose Garden today,'” Collins said. “They said that the questions I asked were inappropriate for that venue. And they said I was shouting.”
Video below:

When you consider yourself a news source, but consistently attack a sitting President’s administration and especially his family all because your candidate lost, you absolutely deserve to be on this President’s shitlist.

Reports show that anywhere from 70% to 90% of the coverage of Donald Trump by the media is negative. Add to that that they frequently take him out of context or hold him up to ridicule. Then, when Trump fights back against a deliberate effort to impugn him, they scream that he is attacking the “free press” and journalists. Actually, Trump is striking back against political activists and propagandists.

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Alex Hall

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