After Whoopi Goldberg Launched VILE Attack On Trump’s Children Got Some Devastating News (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg and her liberal talk show The View is losing rating with every new show so maybe it’s time for them to stop the act and quit! They know most of Americans hate them and will never watch them again! So they use Donald Trump and his family to gain popularity, which is not working because they use every opportunity to bash Trump’s family! One of The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg took things too far when she went after the president’s children, and Twitter users immediately let her know it.

“I think the implication is that she has her father’s ear and she may be doing things behind the White House doors that we’re not knowledgeable about,” said Sunny Hostin.

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“Well, she must be whispering, because he doesn’t seem to be listening,” said Whoopi.

“This wasn’t a role we gave her. Throughout the campaign, she touted herself as an advocate for women’s rights and the environment. And as we’ve seen with the nomination of Pruitt at the EPA, they’re rolling back things for the sake of ‘deregulating’” said Sara Haines, and rolling back women’s reproductive freedoms.

“Can we just call this what it is? This is pure and simple nepotism. Should she even be in this position? She is the daughter of the president. Why is she in the White House? We didn’t vote for Ivanka Trump” said Sara.

“It’s like going to the hospital,” quipped Joy Behar, “and having the Candy Stripers do the surgery.”

Ivanka Trump is an educated, accomplished businesswoman who deserves to be looked at for her own merits. Instead, Whoopi and her idiot friends are judging her based solely on a man in her life. Twitter users quickly let Whoopi know just how hypocritical she is:

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