James Woods Rips Former Hillary Spokesman For His Bizarre Attack on Donald Trump Jr. Wife

The entitlement of the libtard knows no boundary.

Former Hillary Clinton senior adviser Philippe Reines posted a controversial tweet about Donald Trump Jr. and his estranged wife Vanessa Trump on Wednesday.

Reines wrote: “Vanessa being with a Latin King must’ve driven you insanely jealous. The machismo, the passion. Tough act to follow. Did you wonder if she fantasized about Valentin Rivera when intimate with you? She did. Every time.”

Another thing that Hillary can blame her loss on… the idiots she surrounded herself with like this fool. Luckily, conservative actor James Wood raised a very good point about the Clinton adviser.

“Meanwhile Philippe Reines, confused daily by which bathroom to use, emerges as a self-proclaimed expert on machismo?” Woods posted on Twitter, along with a link to Fox News’ coverage of the personal attack. The comment was referencing the left’s recent obsession with transgender bathrooms while pointing out that the awkward, clearly unhinged Reines wouldn’t know machismo or masculinity if it hit him in the face.

James Woods is not afraid to speak the truth! He has never been what you would call mellow. In fact, he has been quite vocal with his criticism of Democrats in general! He has always been a firebrand personality who walks to the beat of his own drum corp. I am glad he is turning his great mind to our side.

The Left needs to be slapped down, and who better to do it than Woods?

Democrats say they are the party for women… Unfortunately, they think women are fine if they vote Democratic, if not they attack them, what hypocrites!

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Natalie D.

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